Private Fears in Public Places section of Alan Ayckbourn's Official Website is dedicated to Dick & Lottie: the UK's only theatre company dedicated exclusively to the plays of Alan Ayckbourn.

Dick & Lottie was founded in 2004 in Huddersfield by John Cotgrave and Richard McArtney. This dedication recognises the commitment of John, Richard and the company to the playwright and his work and to the company's achievements.

Private Fears in Public Places is very special to Dick & Lottie as the company was invited to perform the play for Sir Alan in his own rehearsal room in Scarborough for a select audience. It is the only time Sir Alan has watched a company other than his own perform one of his plays in his own home.

The dedication is also to John and Richard themselves, a wonderful couple and who I am proud to be so close to and who are such good friends.

Simon Murgatroyd